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What is the COB (Chip On Board) stencil ?・・・

COB (Chip On Board) stencil is used for printing on the PCB with pre-mounted devices (such as bare chip ) or PCB with some convex parts on its surface . This can be helpful when you want to avoid the contact with such pre-mounted devices or some convex on the surface, and at the same time you want other parts being flat condition in printing.
This stencil is produced by electro-forming method , made of special Nickel Alloy( for this hardness, the stencil has long durability without crack or chip-off )

special type for any direction’s printing( even for area on squeegee direction ) 【photo: Y(squeegee direction 45dg&Y:7dg】
※Please inquiry to sales staff regarding the squeegee for this stencil.


This stencil enables you to do the normal printing process even when the PCB has pre-mounted devices or some convex part to be avoided contact by covering
SMT equipments and technology, as it is!
Shorten the process for cost reduction!
Stable device mounting quality!
Long durability in stencil and good quality in printing!
COB-shape example
※shape as specified