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The technology that BON MARK produces binds a person and a person, a company and a company, society and society together by trust and with application of the technology, we hope we will be of help for creating well developed society


Hyper clean is a cleaning paper roll used in automatic cleaning of solder pastes on backside stencil. With an effect of high non-woven fabric material, its structure is superior in strength balance of length and breadth. PP materials (polypropylene) which is less shaggy and gtencelh material which is helpful for cleaning of solder paste on a gold-plated PCB , both 2 types are available.

AL Gold evaporated Mask

This mask is used for YAG-Laser Marking. There are 3types, Gold-plate-type, Aluminum-plate-type, erosted glass type.

Plain Squeegee , Sword-shape Squeegee


Plain @/@sword shape
Rubber squeegee for screen printing.
Type: 1. strong against wear 2. strong against solvent
Shape 1. Plain 2. Sword-shape
(features) Its elasticity is good for flexible contact with uneven surface

New metal squeegee

For cost reduction and saving resources

its surface has dimple hollows and being done special treatment





@dimple hollows facilitate pastefs rolling performance, as the result pastefs viscosity will become lower and contribute to better paste release

New metal system

@Suitable for fine pitch ( such as 0.4 pitch)

On PCB side (contact side), dimple-hollows are made within pattern area and afterward special treatment done. ( see below photo)




By the effect of this

PAenable to avoid the spreads of flux over surrounding of the pattern

QAenable to easily detach the stencil with minimum shock from PCB without giving the printed solderfs good shape less damage which may cause eshortf (ebridgef)

RAenable to maintain proper amount of paste release as pastes remaining