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It has passed almost half century since the foundation with state of three policies for our basic philosophy.
gHumanityh,h Qualityh, gChallengeh
In the meantime, company name changed from eBaba Marking Stampf to eBON MARK Co., Ltdf But above spirits at the time still have been handed down and emblazoned in our hearts as companyfs motto. In cutting edge electronics industry with steady progress, we will make a full effort to achieve customersf trust with our high quality of product. At the same time we all single-mindedly strive hard to develop new product for the better and hope that will contribute to the community. Moreover, instead of satisfied with the existing circumstances, , not standstill, we will keep on challenging for the better as one of global companies. We appreciate your being our customer and look forward to a continued association with you.
@President@ Yasuyuki Baba

Company Profile

Name BON MARK Co.,Ltd
Foundation 21 February 1947
Representative President Yasuyuki Baba
Adress HeadOffice Postal Code 153-0051
Risona Nakameguro Building 4F, 3-2, 3-Chome, Kamimeguro, Meguroku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-3719-2321`3
FAX 03-3715-0439
Nagano Factory

385-0054 10-10 Atobe, SakuCity,Nagano, Japan
TEL 0267-62-4693
FAX 0267-62-5407

Tohoku Office 981-3133 @3-14-19, TAS Bld. Izumi Chuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi, Japan
TEL 022-371-6109
FAX 022-371-6135
Kansai Office 567-0810
Nakatsuji Building 6-C,7-22, Miyamoto-Chou, Ibaraki City, Osaka, Japan
TEL 072-623-9255
FAX 072-623-9256
China Factry

215021 No.5, Xing Han Street, Suzhou Industrial Park,Block-A,#03-15/16,Suzhou,China

Thailand Factry

Bon Mark (Thailand) Ltd.
9/31 Moo 5 Tambol Klongnueng
Amphur Klonglaung Pathumthani 12120
Tel : +662-9020151 , + 662-5162068
Fax :+662-9020152

Taiwan Factry No 20,3rd Ave., Taichung Industrial Park
Taichung40767 Taiwan
TEL : +886-42359-5568
FAX : +886-42359-5561
Capital JPY10000000 @
Sales Items Screen Products(Metal Mask ), Marking Products(Rubber Stamp, Metal Stamp, Resin Stamp, Intaglio, IC-parts )
Nums of Employee 130 @
Main Bank Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Shibuya Branch
Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Chuo Branch
Risona Bank, Nakameguro Branch
Business Type 1. Manufacture & sales of Rubber Stamp
2. R&D, Manufacture & Sales of Metal Mask for SMT
3. R&D, Manufacture & Sales of SMT-related products
4. R&D, Manufacture & Sales of high precision stencil for IC-Packaging
5. R&D, Manufacture & Sales of Stencil for DISPLAY PRODUCTS
6. Trial manufacture &Precision processing by Chemical-Etching, Electro-Forming, Laser-Cutting
7. Technical consultant service regarding above


DEC 2004 Established Thailand Factory
OCT 2005. approved by BOI as legitimate company :Started manufacture of metal stencil as local supplier in Thailand

APR 2004@ Established Nagoya Office

MAR 2004@ Qualified ISO14001

APR 2003 Established China Factory at Suzhou
@@@@@@@@Started Manufacture of stencil for local customers

APR 2003@ Qualified ISO9001

JAN 2001 Company name changed from Baba Marking Stamp to g BON MARK., CO.LTD

JUL 2000@ Established Kansai Office

JUL 1995 Started manufacture of Laser-cut Stencil

OCT 1993@ Established Tohoku Office

APR 1993@ Started manufacture of Electro-Forming Stencil

JAN 1990@Started manufacture of Chemical Etching Stencil

JUN 1981@ Established BON MARK.CO.PTE.LTD in Singapore
@: Started manufacture for user in South-East Asia

APR 1971 Established Nagano1st Factory
@Set up more Engraving machine and started manufacture and sales of BON MARK STAMP

NOV 1967@ Established Meguro Factory (2-16-13,Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo)
@:Started manufacture of rubber stamp &metal stamp for industrial use

FEB 1965 Established Baba Marking Stamp (Representative : Taira Baba / Capital ;JPY10000000 )

FEB 1947 @practiced gBaba Marking Stamph as joint-stock company at Dogenzaka,Shibuya,Tokyo