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ISO9001:2015 certification

ISO9001:2015 appendix

1. We achieve the customers’ trust by supplying the expected product as requested without delay, abiding regulations or law, adapting market needs with our original technology,
2. Taking it seriously that quality is the base of trust, we promise to root out defectives by constant improvement of quality managing systems
3. Every staff, as one of organization, takes part in contribution to wholesome progress of company
1st JAN 2014
President Yasuyuki Baba


ISO14001:2015 certification

ISO14001:2015 appendix

Bonmark Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes the environmental impact of its business activities, actively participates in environmental conservation activities, strives to manufacture environmentally friendly products, and provides more appropriate management and proposals. Promote. Going green with our customers, suppliers and communities. In our business activities for seals, rubber stamps, metal stamps, metal stencils, laser marking masks, intaglios, and other precision parts, we will implement environmental management with an emphasis on the following

1. We will continuously improve our environment management for the better within our technical or financial capability permitting. The management is to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact , with effort to set up our goal to be achieved for that and review it
2. We will observe the items requested by PRTR, Laws or Regulations related to Waste, and other environmental matters. We also will try to conserve the environment by making our own standard (GREEN PROCURMENT STANDARD) within our capability in view of technical and financial
3. In environmental matters related to business activity, products and services ,following items shall be emphasized
(1). Saving energy against global warning
 ・using lights, air-conditioner effectively.
Planning to use low-power equipments and adopting effective maintenance
(2). Trying to utilize natural resources effectively and doing proper management of waste
 ・Trying to promote recycled-use with separating waste by type
 ・continuous effort to improve efficiency of product for energy saving
(3). Regarding use or waste of harmful substances ,we will try to do proper management of the chemical substances used in the production process.
(4). We will promote the development and prevalence of environment-friendly products
4. We’ll let all BON MARK people (including all people working for us ) remind this environment policy and will give them needed education or training so that they can be of highly conscience toward the environmental conservation
5. We publicly announce this policy and act as grovel citizen
1st JAN 2014