Metal stencil
Electro-forming stencil Special thin foil stencil
Electro-forming stencil For SMT use
Electro-forming stencil Stencil for Chip On Board(C.O.B)
Lasar-cut stencil
Lasar-cut stencil For SMT use
Lasar-cut stencil NEO Laser-cut stencil
Chemical etching stencil
Chemical etching stencil For SMT use
Chemical etching stencil For Divice parts
Chemical etching stencil For step-down or step-up stencil
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Stencil Specification

1 Regarding Stencil Order Sheet

This is a just sample specification for stencil-ordering. Some specifications can be decided respectively among both side ,so there will be some difference from this standard

Q Type of Stencil

@ Electro-Forming Stencil Laser-Cutting Stencil Chemical-Etchig Stencil
material Nickel Alloy rtrROSis`j rtrROSis`j
method Electro-Forming Laser-Cutting Chemical-Etchig
We can also offer the following option for the better paste release performance.
BM MASK ( special coated inside aperture & bottom side ), Nimflon Plating

R Metal Spec


R|P@aperture section

Electro-Forminglaser-Cutting Mask
Etching Mask
vPsize at squeeze -side
vQsize at pcb-side
vRside ?edge size
ordered spec can be defined either W1,W2,or W3 as customerfs request

S Order-Receiving (provided materials)

Film Positive FilmAResist FilmAWiring pattern Film ,etc
Tape Medium e^ciTRDTinchjAbc|qAln,etc
DATA FORMAT : fdqadqAhfdrAr`lAcwe
Corresponding ModemAhrcm, etc
Others Real PCB AMetal ADrawing(with full spec)

T Send DATA to

Mail address (JAPAN) (Singapore) (Singapore) (Thailand) ( China )