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Lasar-cut stencil For SMT use
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Chemical etching stencil For SMT use
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New Technology of BON MARK

At the beginning, started by producing Etching Stencils, now our stencil technology has so upgraded that we can supply the stencil for forming bumps on wafer(wafer-level CSP). This requires our factory with more strict quality controls and made it possible for us to produce the stencil accurately [stencil with smaller aperture(such as Ф30um) and with thickness (15um ) ]
Considering the technology trends of packaging, the terminals will become finer in their pitch and increase their numbers in the limited area, resulted from which LSI will be smaller and smaller with terminal pins increased. BON MARK are pleased to propose to the customers, stencil available for 0402 [mm] chip ( by inch: 01005), 0.15mm, 0.10mm pitch pad in wafer-level CSP.

Ultra Thin Stencil

For the better paste’s release performance, inside-aperture wall’s surface form has been improved.

Capable for ultra thin foil thickness, and even for ultra fine aperture diameter.
And we can also offer special type stencil by combination with other technology.
For the details,
Please inquiry to our sales staff first.

For forming bumps φ100μm
For very small bump φ30μm

Bump printing results